• Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Be More Efficient

At an aggregate level, the reasons for having an ordering system are simple – it saves you both time and money.  Spending time helping a customer is more important than struggling with different scanners and ordering sheets.  Our research indicates that OrderDog™ can save you up to 75% on your ordering time.  Consider the implications of a lower cost of goods sold to your bottom line!

With OrderDog™, you get more than just a structured system, you get security, control, and accuracy.  OrderDog™ organizes all of your ordering from many systems down to just one.  You have the ability to order ALL of your vendors from your directs to the local vendor up the street.  Whether you are a smaller retailer or a larger one, this ordering system will allow you to tie all of your vendors and orders together so that you can fully manage your ordering from one place.  This will allow you to re-allocate your resources more efficiently, care for your customers more, and worry about ordering less.

OrderDog makes sure that you create an order for the correct items to the desired vendor.  OrderDog™ also ties in a complete back-of-house system that allows you to order and maintain all of your products while being able to run audits and reports on the items and orders.  OrderDog™ manages millions of items from hundreds of vendors – all managed by us so that you don't have to.

OrderDog™ scanners offer varying levels of functionality to fit your store's needs.  Some of the key features OrderDog™ can provide include:

  • Add items (both managed and unmanaged) – Add all of the items in your store into the system and manage them with ordering, receiving, and sales
  • Create Purchase Orders – Order all of your products and track them from vendor to store
  • Create shelf tags – Create many different types of shelf tags from your everyday items to specials and sales
  • Count Inventory – Count your full inventory and get complete counts and costs
  • Create Specials – Create specials for your items for those Weekly, Daily, or Special Occasion sales

OrderDog™ also offers a number of other features like the abilities to:  Compare Prices, Add Vendors, Create Cycle Counts, Receive, Create Custom Prices and more!

View a list of vendors currently supported by OrderDog™.

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